upholstered sofa by knoxville upholstery

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 7/14/19

General FAQ:


Reupholstering furniture is RARELY ever less expensive than purchasing new. The reupholstery process is a custom service which takes skill, talent, knowledge and expertise.


What are your hours?

Hours are by appointment only. Please text or email to make an appointment before loading up and setting out or you will not be seen.

Where are you located?

Knox Upholstery is located near Sevier Heights Church, a few miles South of UT hospital and about 8 miles North of the airport, off of Alcoa highway. The exact address will be given to those with a confirmed appointment.


Can I purchase/bring in my own material?

We prefer that you purchase your fabric though Knox Upholstery vs. buying it online or at the big box retailers as it not only keeps your dollars local, but it allows Knox Upholstery to assist the client in choosing the correct fabric for the job. We never turn away C.O.M (customer’s own material) as long as it is upholstery weight and first quality, but you will be charged a cutting fee.


How long will it take to upholster my chair, sofa, etc?

Turnaround times vary depending on the piece, complexity, trims and pattern(s) chosen. Drop-in seats (the kind you see with most dining or kitchen chairs) will take 1 day. A parson chair will take 1-2 days. A wingback will take several days. A sofa or love seat can take between 3-7 days. A sectional can take 5-14 days. Of course, these are only estimates.

How do I get onto your waitlist?

A 1/3rd downpayment of the estimate (a retainer) is required to secure your project, and your spot, on the waitlist. No exceptions.


Do you offer pick up/delivery services?

Customers are responsible for their own transport. Because everyone is unique, certain services may be requested for a fee.

Do you offer over-night/last minute services?


What won’t you work on?

Most recliners similar to Lazyboy, Berkline or anything that falls in the “big and pouffy” category or has built in drink holders. We also don't work on slipcovers, leather or faux leather repair, window treatments, bedding, automotive, awnings, marine or small repairs separate from the larger upholstery process.

Do you make small repairs?

Sorry, but we do not offer small repairs unless it is part of the larger upholstery process. Small repairs would consist of the following: tears, rips, loose threads, missing buttons, bad welt, dents, etc.,

Do you make pillows?

Yes, basic pillows.

Do you offer automotive or marine services?


Do you make repairs to leather and/or faux leather that is cracking or peeling?


Do you make slipcovers?


Do you make window treatments?


Do you make duvets or other bedding items?


Do you smoke?

No, and you are strongly urged to ask other shops the same question as smoke will penetrate your furniture.

Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

Why, Blanche Devereaux of course!


Do you store furniture?

No storage before or after the upholstery process. Items left on the premises for longer than 30 days after their completion date are considered abandoned and become the property of Knox Upholstery.

Do you accept furniture without fabric in-hand?

No. All furniture arriving on the premises must have fabric that has been purchased through Knox Upholstery or it must accompany the furniture itself. If it is COM it must come in at the same time as your furniture. Some exclusions apply if your furniture is coming from a local furniture refinisher. Please inquire.