Getting Started With Your Upholstery Project

Read to get started with Knox Upholstery? We’d love to work with you. The process is simple. Send us a photo of your project and we’ll reply with an estimate.

Please take clear photos of your project. Don't stand so close that the piece falls out of the frame, but don’t stand so far back that we cannot see what it is. Take any slip covers, blankets and other bulky items off of the piece, but leave the pooch on there. We are dog lovers over here at Knox Upholstery, after all! If you don’t have a photo please take a look at the chart below and supply us with a number.

Once we receive your message we will respond with an estimate. Please give us a few days for a response. Our estimates usually only include the labor and not the cost of fabric since pricing varies greatly. We can give you a ballpark on yardage required, however. Do be aware that fabric is not cheap. It is only in the rarest of circumstances does one get away with spending less than $50.00 per yard for a dining room seat and less than $500.00 for a sofa.

An important note to remember is that estimates are not quotes. You wouldn’t expect your mechanic to quote you before opening the hood and poking around would you? The same principle holds true for upholsterers.

Now, should you accept our estimate that is when things start to get more formal. Hopefully you’ve read over our terms of service/FAQ and they have answered any questions you have. If we haven’t sent you a detailed estimate you will get one. After accepting the estimate we will send you an invoice for 25% of that estimate to commission your project with Knox Upholstery. This secures your project, keeps our calendar in check and, to be perfectly frank, scares away the tire-kickers. Your downpayment also aids us in securing materials for your project, such as springs, batting, nails, etc.,

The rest is easy - choose and settle on a fabric, bring in your project and when we are done we will give you a ring.

At Knox Upholstery we like to work closely with our clients and we encourage your creative input. We can chat over text messages, FaceTime or any other form of communication you wish during the upholstery process. It sometimes help to video chat about pattern placement when you can see the piece at the same time we are talking about it.

Remember, It’s your furniture, but better!

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What Does your piece look like?

So you don't have a picture of your project? No problem. Just supply the number that vaguely looks like your piece for a ballpark estimate.  Please note that the ballpark estimate is simply for reference only and the estimate may change once Knox Upholstery sees the piece in person or through a photo.