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At Knox Upholstery furniture upholstery is not simply a means to an end, rather it is a passion combined with the love of art. Knox Upholstery is not a "factory floor" where pieces are thrown together quickly and without regard to the small details required to make an outstanding piece.  Each piece is hand-crafted to suit the frame style and the client.  

The Art of Pattern Matching

Whether it's pattern matching, hitch knots, or a rebuild of a foundation; Rachel Fletcher prides herself on every detail.

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Meet Your Upholsterer

Rachel Fletcher

Rachel Fletcher

Rachel Fletcher is a professional furniture upholsterer located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Starting out as the sole upholsterer for the Clarence Brown at the University of Tennessee she has upholstered a variety of historical and contemporary furnishings. Since striking out on her own Rachel has grown her business and now serves the entire Knoxville community and surrounding areas. Although Rachel's background includes marketing, advertising and PR she has always been a hands-on creative soul. Her true passion is ripping into furniture to breathe new life into it.


In 2012, Rachel was sought out by a Design Producer at Extreme Makeover Home Edition to produce numerous upholstered items for the show while shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

From 2010 - 2012 Rachel Fletcher Was Chosen To Take Her Passion For Photography 400 Miles North Of The Arctic Circle and off the coasts of Iceland and Greenland with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. As A Result Of Those Trips, In Collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Rachel Fletcher's Photography Is Featured In A Book Documenting One Of The Research Cruise's Called To the Denmark Strait: Oceanographers Search for a Mysterious Current.

In 2016, Rachel was commissioned to upholster several Nick At Nite, SNICK, Couches For Nickelodeon. 





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