Getting Started With Your Upholstery Project

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What Does your piece look like?

So you don't have a picture of your project? No problem. Just supply the number that vaguely looks like your piece for a ballpark estimate.  Please note that the ballpark estimate is simply for reference only and the estimate may change once Knox Upholstery sees the piece in person or through a photo.  

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Pattern repeat

Before you choose that beautiful pattern please understand that you will most likely need more fabric than anticipated. 

Fabrics with patterns require pattern matching so the sides, fronts and back like up and look professional. This means that a chair may require up to double the amount compared to solid fabrics or fabrics with a small pattern.    

To measure for the repeat lay out your fabric to indicate the center of the pattern, then measure out horizontally until that pattern repeats itself. This is your pattern width (leave about a half inch to one inch on either side of your pattern for alllowances. Now measure vertically until you run across the same pattern, again leaving room for allowances. This is now your pattern length. Add both measurements and now you have your total pattern repeat number. Take a look at the chart for our fabric repeat calculator.  

Note:  I highly recommend that you purchase an extra yard or two just to have on hand.  It is good to have a back up if someone spills red wine on your lovely new sofa at a Summer party.  It's easier to have new cushions made than to acquire a new friend.  


Where To Get Your FAbric

At Knox Upholstery you are free to supply your own fabric.  There are quite a few fabric stores in the Knoxville area.  I have frequented most of them while sourcing fabrics for theatrical shows at the CBT back in the mid-2000's.  My top three (in no particular order) are Short Sheet, Mill Agent and Affordable Fabric.  

Avoid cutting fees by delivering 1st run fabrics that are delivered on a roll and have been pre-checked for accuracy by the client or vendor.  

If you are so inclined you may purchase your fabric through Knox Upholstery as it allows us to collaborate on your fabric choice. You can make an appointment to browse through our fabric books or you can browse thousands and thousands of fabrics online.