Knox Upholstery's Services


Contemporary & Antique Furniture Upholstery

Knox Upholstery can upholster your great grandmother's rocking chair to that new piece you purchased a few years ago.


Pillows, Headboards & more

Have an existing headboard you need upholstered?  We do that.  

Need some pillows made? We do that too, and we can supply a variety of inserts from poly-fill to luxurious down.  Just need the insert?  WE can order that for you and you can pick it up here or we can ship it directly to you.


Button Service / Nail head trim

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person and you just need an upholstered button or more for your project?  Send us your fabric and we can make the buttons for you.  Sizes available: #22, #24, #30 #36 #40. 

If you need individual nail head Knox Upholstery can ship them to you or you can pick them up here.  Why pay a ton of money for a few heads from the local big-box store when you can get up to 1,000+ for a bit over our wholesale cost? I Don't Know Either.  

Sorry, but Knox Upholstery does not work on automotive, marine or awnings.