Knox Upholstery's Work Order

If you have any questions or changes please bring it to our attention so we can create a custom work order for you.


If you will be providing your own fabric please deliver your fabric on a roll (from your vendor) and not folded up in a bag as charges will be accessed for fabric that needs to be steamed or ironed at $5.00 per yard. Also please indicate, in writing attached to your roll, how many yards you have purchased, pattern name and from which vendor, when you deliver your fabric.

Are you providing your own fabric?     Yes        No

If you are providing your own fabric is it on a roll or folded?  ____________  

A $5.00 per yard fee is assessed for folded or wrinkled fabric.  $__________

How many yards of fabric is being provided?  _____ yard(s)

How any yards of fabric will be utilized for this project? _____ yard(s)

What is the pattern name, manufacturer and vendor of the fabric you are providing? ______________________________________

Which way would you like your fabric to run?  Up the roll or from selvedge to selvedge?  __________________________________

Which side of the fabric would you like to use for your project?  The face or backside? ____________________________________

Nailhead trim (individual) $30.00 per yard _____  Nailhead trim (strip) $15.00 per yard_____  Double welt_____  Single welt_____

Skirt _______________________________________ New Padding _____________________ Spring work ____________________

French Seam ______  Leather surcharge ______  Pattern surcharge (if applicable)______

Arm Caps__________ Head rest ________

Pillow (welt/zipper/envelope/polyfill/insert ________________________________________________________________________

Misc. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Timeline/Completion Date

Since Knox Upholstery is frequently booked out 4-6 months at a time it is nearly impossible to give the client an exact start and completion date for their project.  While Knox Upholstery does everything in their power to stay on calendar please understand that life happens and the calendar can and may be disrupted at anytime.  Knox Upholstery will keep the client abreast of any conflicts or issues that may arrise which may affect their project. If you need your project completed by a certain date please list it below.

The date I need my project completed by is (date/month/approximate dates)__________________________________________     



I understand that once my item has been picked up by or delivered to Knox Upholstery that all work will move forward as agreed upon in this contract unless discussed and approved by Knox Upholstery. I understand that I forfeit any payment(s) made if I decide to cancel this project once work has begun and that this includes any fabric or materials that has been opened and/or cut into. 

I agree to the terms and conditions of this work order:

Client Name & Date ________________________________________________________  

Phone number ______________________________________________ Can I contact you via text?___________________________

Approved by ______________________________________________________________